The Story Behind the Shot: Amy and Bellissimo

Check out my bestie Amy playing with her kitty Bellissimo. This was taken over 2 years ago and after my very first attempt at boudoir. I was in LA visiting Amy, and we decided to shoot some pics as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend Matt (who is now her husband. Man time flies!). It’s crazy to see the difference of my work back then compared to now. That was my first night shooting with my camera in manual mode, and the low light made it so tricky! Anyways, I was actually quite happy with how the images turned out on my first attempt, made easier by the fact that she is one hot lady. Her petticoat was so feminine and pretty and was a lot of fun to ulitize. We were done with the session by this point, and we were just hanging out and I was watching her dance in her kitchen and then she sat down and Bellissimo came to her. I love this moment.

Check out the rest of her photo shoot here.


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