The Story Behind the Shot: Hot Air Balloon Ride

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to go on my first hot air balloon ride. I wanted to share my favorite moment of that day…We drove out to the desert at the crack of dawn, and sat around watching these men blow hot air into these balloons. I was snapping pictures and started to get closer and closer and suddenly one of those men saw me and waved me over. I thought I was in trouble for coming to close. But when I reached him, he just told me “go ahead” and showed me inside the balloon. I squealed and jumped for joy. He actually let me walk INSIDE this balloon while they were filling it up with air!! That had to be the coolest thing ever. I was inside this thing for a good 5 minutes, standing there in amazement at the sheer size of that balloon. It was absolutely magical. See pics from the rest of my day here.


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