Q&A Fridays: Boudoir Sessions – What to Wear

Most of the time when I’m talking to my clients about their boudoir session, I usually hear ‘I don’t have anything to wear.” Well you don’t necessarily need 5 sets of lingerie for the shoot. It’s SO easy to find something that is already in your closet…or better yet, your husband’s closet! The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas of what you can bring to your boudoir shoot.

Lingerie – Of course, I had to cover this one first. Lingerie is the first thing that comes to mind for a boudoir shoot. If you have some sexy items in your closet, let them shine!

Accessories – Short on lingerie? Bring out your favorite heels or wear some jewelry. Any fun detail that adds some interest to the shot. Or make it personal. Perhaps a necklace or earrings he bought you for Christmas or your anniversary.

Sporty or Fun – Sometimes a simple tank top and a cute pair of knee highs do the trick. It’s casual and sexy, and most importantly, comfortable!

For a more fun aspect, check out Amy’s little petticoat skirt below, we had so much fun with that thing. And the best part was the location, right in front of the fridge!

Show Some Skin – Nothing to wear? Who caaares…we can have so much fun baring some skin without giving away the farm.

Favorite Hobbies – What are some of his favorite things to do? These girls chose some of their husbands’ favorite pastimes as inspiration.

Another one of my ladies chose her own fun hobby as inspiration :).

His Favorite Shirt – I always love when the girls dig into their mens’ closets for outfits. I’d always suggest his favorite tshirt, his favorite sports team jersey, a motorcyle jacket, or even one of his ties or suspenders will make for a very sexy shot.

You can also wear something he loves seeing you in! :)


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