Q&A Fridays: What to Wear for the Portrait Session

What should I wear? This is the most common question someone will ask me about their photo session. My first advice would be to wear something that you feel good in. Don’t go and buy a new fancy outfit that you wouldn’t otherwise wear in real life. If you are an ecclectic person and love to mix and match, do it! Stay true to yourself. If you like to keep it simple in solids, I’m all for it. Whatever makes you feel like you. The hardest part is trying to shoot pictures of someone who’s not comfortable in what they’re wearing. Here’s a few options I’ve discovered along the way.

1. Keep it casual. If you like to keep it low key and easy, keep your outfit low key and easy. Quyen wanted a relaxing day by the water, and it reflected in her casual outfit and wearing her hair down. A simple pair of shorts and a nautical off-the-shoulder striped shirt. A very free flowing outfit, very ideal for such a windy day outside. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


2. Go Bold. I love color, especially when people can rock a bright color against a neutral backdrop. Amy’s bright green dress against the grey asphalt is one of my favorites. She chose to wear a very feminine vintage dress and paired it with a retro skateboard. This gorgeous girl is clearly very creative and isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


3. Bring Something. I love when people bring something that is of value to them. Bring something to the photo shoot that shows us your passions or where you are from. Anything that tells me about who you are. Like your guitar, wearing a piece of jewelry that’s a family heirloom, your favorite team’s shirt, a football, your artwork, your car, etc. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


4. Make It Fun!  My favorite clients are the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves. These girls are best friends, and their personalities and fun friendship were clearly reflected in their matching Hello Kitty outfits. It made my day that much easier because there were endless possibilities and oh so many awesome details to shoot. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


5. Go Solids. Wearing solids can create a very clean and classic image. This can make your picture timeless and keep it from looking dated. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


6. Follow the Theme. Katerina wore a form fitting outfit to showcase her lines during her yoga themed photo shoot. It was incredibly comfortable and went with the theme of her shoot. The focus was clearly on her poses and she didn’t wear anything too distracting to take away from the central theme. See the rest of this shoot HERE.


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