Baby Madeleine – 9/11 Baby

Welcome baby Madeleine! She’s a 9/11 baby! This beautiful girl was more than ready to show up on this very important day. I got a message last night from Trish that she was headed to the Banner Desert Hospital and I met her there around 10PM. And LESS than an hour and a half later, miss Madeleine was born!! It was the quickest labor I’ve ever seen. And this was  also a very nostalgic experience for me because I was just at this very same hospital 7 1/2 months ago having my baby boy LJ :). AND, two years before that, I was in this exact same delivery room watching my sister give birth to my niece Bailen!! I knew this was the same room because Bailen was also born in room 22. UNREAL. Trish was there with the support of her awesome partner Marquis and her amazing 3 kids. What a beautiful family, congratulations to you guys! Thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

Below is my FAVORITE pic. Looks like Madeleine is saying “call me”. Lol.



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