Giving Thanks

As the Holiday season rolls in, it’s easy to feel nostalgic. Not a year goes by where I didn’t feel loved, and I think that’s all a person can really ask for. My life is filled with laughter and love every day. I swear I am one of the lucky ones because every year I find more and more things to be grateful for. There is much to be thankful for but there are a few main things that keep me happy and grounded…

My family. A mom and dad who spend their lives devoted to their children, and two sisters and a brother who are my best friends.  They will forever and always be my rock…

My niece, my little sweet pea who entertains my world…

My man, the one who always makes me laugh and who I love waking up next to every day…

And last but not least, my little bundle of joy who I can’t wait to meet in ten weeks…A new type of joy and contentment that I have never experienced before…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your holidays be filled with joy and happiness.


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