Scorpion Gulch and Mystery Castle

What an interesting day! I went with my new friend Jim from Furious Ideas to Scorpion Gulch and Mystery Castle to shoot some pictures.

Our first stop was Scorpion Gulch near South Mountain…I’ve driven past this little building several times on my way up South Mountain before, but never got to shoot there, so it was a fun treat.

Next up we went to Mystery Castle…

We stumbled upon this big group of 50-something women that were there for the tour. They were all dressed up in purple and red, which was so awesome! I loved all their stylish hats. When I asked one of the lovely ladies what this group was all about, she said with a smile: “we wear purple shirts and red hats and do whatever we damn well please.” I LOVED IT. Apparently they also welcome younger women under 50, who are then required to wear lavendar shirts and pink hats until they “graduate” when they turn 50 :). Awe. Some.

This room full of denim was a very fun discovery!


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