Darvesh: Casa Grande Baby Portraits

I spent the morning with Joanne and Nico’s little boy Darvesh. Boy he has a lot of energy! He is super independent, he loves wandering everywhere! Such a flirt and so completely adorable….:). Only 1 year old and he’s already got a way with the ladies…I cannot wait to watch him grow up!

I saw this on their fridge and I loved it!

Showing their doggie Jazzy some love…

The only time he could sit still was when they sat him in this chair and put him in front of the tv :)…


6 responses to “Darvesh: Casa Grande Baby Portraits

  1. the whole family looks great, i can’t believe how big baby Darvesh has gotten and so darn cute! joanne give me a call and let me know a good time to drop by at your salon. lanore

  2. thank you for sending this baeutiful pictur of baba darvish jaan and you too i love you guys and miss you all so much.love you so much baba jaan.
    love aunt laila.

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