4th of July Weekend

My family and I went to Anaheim CA to visit my brother Chris, who was working there that weekend. With my sister Belinda and her friend Katie along for the trip, this was the agenda: Laying out at the beach all day, then partying all night. For the entire 3 day weekend. And that’s exactly what we did. From Huntington Beach to Redondo Beach to fireworks at Hermosa Beach, it was such a blast. I could’ve layed out at the beach all day long. I’m just happy anytime I am near water.

Day one at Huntington Beach:

Day two at Redondo Beach:

Mia, Belinda, Katie and Me enjoying some lunch before relaxing in the sun:

Of course it’s not 4th of July without fireworks! At Hermosa Beach:

Finishing off the night with some quality time with my brother. Here’s Belinda and Chris:

Me and Chris:

I don’t know when my next trip is going to be but I cannot wait! And I’m fairly certain it will be somewhere near water :).


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